What are extra services, and what type of Simoniz extra services can I purchase at a car wash?

What are extra services, and what type of Simoniz extra services can I purchase at a car wash?

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When you pull into your friendly professional car wash, many “extra services” are offered to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Simoniz products and services are offered and preferred by savvy consumers at car washes across the country, because our products are formulated for optimum performance. Make sure your favorite car wash uses Simoniz products, ask which Simoniz Services can be used to make your car look its very best!

  • Simoniz Tire Shine
    This increasingly popular tire-dressing service is now being offered at most conveyorized tunnel operations, both on-line and off-line. Our Simoniz Tire Shine can restore the original black luster to your tires to a fresh new look. This outstanding service will provide the finishing touch to a properly cleaned or detailed vehicle. Service recommendation: Every time you wash!
  • Simoniz Wheel Brite
    Many of today’s wheels and rims collect a dark and ugly metallic brake dust. Our Simoniz Wheel Brite cleaner is formulated with solvents and wetting agents to break the bond that holds the brake dust and other oily dirt to the wheels. This service is offered both manually or through an on-line Wheel Brite applicator. Service recommendation: Each time you wash your vehicle.
  • Simoniz Undercarriage Wash
    This extra service is outstanding for helping to clean and protect the part of your car you never see…the undercarriage. Properly placed spray nozzles mounted on the floor of the car wash flush the underside of your vehicle with water, which removes salt, sand and any other contaminants. Service recommendation: Every time you wash if there is salt and snow on the ground, otherwise every two months.

Extra Services to Enhance Your Vehicle’s Paint

  • Simoniz Triple Foam Conditioner
    Triple foam conditioners are formulated for today’s clear coat finishes. They are designed to clean and shine the surface by utilizing surface-active ingredients and silicone polymers. Service recommendation: Every 30 days.
  • Simoniz Clear Coat Sealer
    Our concentrated, lemon-scented clear coat sealer provides outstanding shine, and will aid in allowing your vehicle to dry spot free. This product is applied through a spray arch in an automatic car wash. Service recommendation: Every 30 days.
  • Simoniz Pressure Poly Glaze
    One of our most popular on-line extra services, this cherry-scented clear coat sealer has been specially formulated for high-pressure applications. Simoniz Pressure Poly Glaze will promote a shine on your vehicle and assist in drying. Service recommendation: Every 30 days.
  • Simoniz Foam Polish
    Simoniz Foam Polish provides extra-deep cleaning and shine. It is a combination of cleaning agents and silicone polymers, which are foamed onto your vehicle, and is typically buffed in with soft cloth or rinsed off under high pressure. Service recommendation: Every 30 days.
  • Simoniz Rust Inhibitor
    Simoniz Rust Inhibitor helps remove corrosive elements from a vehicle’s undercarriage, temporarily minimizing the rusting process. Simoniz Rust Inhibitor is best used in conjunction with Simoniz Undercarriage Wash. Service recommendation: Every two months.
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