There seem to be so many different types of car washes. What are they, and what do they do?

There seem to be so many different types of car washes. What are they, and what do they do?

Article from Simoniz archives.

Conveyorized Tunnel Car Wash
This type of car wash refers to one that loads your vehicle onto a conveyor, and guides it through a series of detergent applications, car wash equipment and a rinse and blower system. There are a variety of different types of conveyorized tunnel car wash operations outlined below.

Full-service Car Wash
This is the most thorough of car washes. Your car will have the exterior cleaned, the inside of the windows, as well as a vacuuming of the interior. This will be done while you wait in a comfortable waiting room.

Exterior Car Wash
This type of car wash typically utilizes a car wash tunnel, which cleans, shines and dries the exterior of your automobile. It uses the same basic equipment used in a Full Service car wash but interior windows and vacuuming are not done.This is a fast, convenient way to protect your car from the elements, and typically takes less than 5 minutes. In this type of wash you stay in your vehicle.

Self-Service Car Wash
For those of you who love to clean your own car, there are do-it-yourself car washes in almost every town. In these car washes, you can wash your own vehicle with high-quality products using the wands and brushes, the way you like. Washing your own car is a lot of fun, and self-service car washes are the best way to do it.

In-Bay Touchless Automatic Car Wash
This refers to touchless car washes that are often found associated with gas stations and convenience stores. At a touchless in-bay automatic car wash, you drive your car into a bay following the directions on the lighted signs, and the equipment goes around your car, cleaning it with properly balanced detergents and high-pressure water streams. This increasingly popular car wash service takes approximately 5 minutes.

Brushless Car Wash
“Brushless Car wash” is an industry term that refers to car washes where the equipment (mitters and side wheels) consists of soft cloth pads. Cloth and newer generation synthetic versions of cloth are used because they are safe on a car’s surface, and a steady diet of brushless car washing goes a long way toward preventing paint oxidation from occurring.

Touchless® Car Wash
Did you know that there is only one brand of Touchless® car wash products and services, and they are made by Simoniz. Everything else is an imitation. Touchless® means that a car wash is using Simoniz products. A touchless car wash can be both an in-bay car wash that travels around your car or a conveyorized tunnel car wash operation. A touchless wash process is one that is completely frictionless, and no cloth, bristle or mechanical action is used to clean your vehicle. Properly balanced detergents and a high-pressure water rinse system clean your vehicle during this process. And when it says Touchless®, it means they are using Simoniz products, because only Simoniz offers Touchless® car washing. Anything else is an imitation.

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